Snake ponies are most commonly described as Aggressive and greedy, but some have been proven to be kind. Upper class ponies are usually snobby and greedy, but examples like Cottonmouth have been proven that some are good natured.


Snake ponies look like regular ponies, but have some features that make them different from regular ponies.


Snake pony eyes are different from regular pony eyes. They have slitted-pupil eyes, much like bat ponies. They have sharp vision, but are not nocturnal like bat ponies.

Cottonmouth's eye

Cottonmouth's eye


Snake ponies have fangs as well. The snake pony's fangs also represent the lethality of their snake species. The longer and sharper the fangs, the deadlier. In the snake world, the snake with the sharpest or longest fangs are praised, respected and are part of an elite club in the upper class.

Viper's fangs


Probabily the most distinctive feature of a snake pony. Snake ponies' tails depend on their snake species. For example, Prince Krait has Banded Krait stripes on his tail representing his snake species. Snake pony guards are able to use their tails to attack other ponies or things. On the other hand, some snake ponies are able to charm ponies using their tail.

Princess Rattle's rattletail

Princess Rattle's rattlesnake tail


During discussions on the Google+ communities, it was established that snake ponies feed themselves of rodents, much like a regular snake. Others also decided that snake ponies ate meat, fish and insects, but the majority of the users voted that rodents were the respectful diet of a snake pony.