Royal Snake GuardEdit

The Royal Snake Guard, much like Celestia and Luna's guard, protect and serve King Kobra, Princess Rattle and Prince Krait. The Royal Guard are split into 3 sections, Regular guard, Royal Guard and Personnal Guard.

Regular Guard

The first guard type, regular guard, protects the citizens from harm. If there is a disturbance, they take care of it, much like a regular police officer. Their uniforms consist only of hoof protectors and a crest.

Royal Guard

The Royal Guard serves and protects royals. Their duties include; fighting in a war under a royal's name, protecting royalty and more. Their uniforms consist of a helmet (like Celestia's royal guard), a crest, hoof protectors and other protective gear. Snakes that serve King Kobra wear a crest with designs that are very similar to his headdress.


Pytho's guard uniform

Personnal Guard

Personnal Guards are the strongest and most trained snake ponies in combat. They are the personal body guard of a royal or a snake pony of high importance. Their uniforms consist of a helmet that covers the entire face (much like Sombra's guards in the first cutie remark timeline), a crest, hoof protectors and a spear.